When a problem comes up and you aren’t able to pay your taxes, the IRS will always be able to find a way to get some type of payment. Although this can sometimes mean taking money directly from your bank account or paycheck, they can get it from your assets as well.  If you haven’t paid all the money you owe in taxes, there could be the possibility that the IRS will place a lien on your assets. When a lien is placed on your assets, the government can make a claim on them to cover the costs of what you owe.

Out of all the problems that can arise from owing the IRS or other tax collectors money, one of the most stressful is a lien. Although this is a difficult situation to be in, there are resources available that can help. 

Can You Get Out of a Lien? 

The obvious way of getting out of a lien is to pay off what you owe. Liens are removed 30 days after paying back what you owe, but as many people who have been in debt know, paying it back isn’t always possible. Aside from paying off your debts, many people aren’t aware of other ways to have their tax problems resolved. While having a lien placed on your assets can be intimidating, there could be a potential that you could have it removed. 

It’s possible in some cases to have liens removed without having to pay off the full cost of what you owe. The best way of handling this is by working with a tax attorney. With the help of a tax attorney, you have the chance to work something out with the IRS to have your lien removed. 

Liens vs. Levies

For those who aren’t aware of the different types of tax penalties, liens and levies can often get mixed up, or they might be thought of as being the same thing. These can seem similar at first glance, but are very different, so it’s important to understand which one is impacting you. Both liens and levies are serious issues that can have major impacts on your finances, although levies can be much more complicated. Whereas a lien is a claim that the IRS can make on your assets, a levy is when the IRS actually takes your wages or assets. At the Law Office of David J. Harris, you can get services to help with either a lien or levy. 

Top Tax Attorney in Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County and all of Pennsylvania 

Tax debt is a problem that no one ever wants to get themselves in, but it’s often something that you have little control over if you don’t have the means to pay it off. Anytime that you deal with the IRS, it’s important that you’ve got the best help available. The IRS is notoriously difficult to deal with, especially when you don’t have the training to understand what they’re looking for when a lien is placed on your assets. By working with the Law Office of David J. Harris, you can get assistance from a tax attorney with over 35 years of experience dealing with matters like this. 

If you need help removing a tax lien, contact the Law Office of David J. Harris today to learn more.