Taxes can quickly cause a person stress. While owing money to the IRS is never pleasant, there are some cases where it can be especially troublesome. For some people, realizing that you owe a large amount in tax liability can turn into a legal issue they have to deal with.

When you think something is wrong with the amount you owe, it can feel difficult to do something about it. Most people aren’t familiar with how their taxes work and might not be aware of how to challenge it. In addition to this, many people might not want to have to deal with the IRS to dispute their tax liability. Although this can be an unpleasant situation to be in, you are able to challenge and dispute what you owe. If you think something is wrong with your tax liability, you do have the right to fight against it. 

If this has happened to you, don’t panic over what to do. At the Law Office of David J. Harris, you can find a tax attorney in Wilkes-Barre and all of Pennsylvania  to help walk you through the process and fight for you. 

How to Challenge and Dispute Your Tax Liability

Certain things might increase your tax liability. Many associate their tax liability with the amount they owe in income taxes. For many people, their tax liability might only include their income taxes, but this isn’t always all it’s limited to. A person’s tax liability might also include things like capital gains taxes, self-employment taxes, or anything they owe in taxes from past years. Unfortunately, there can sometimes be an issue with the amount a person owes. If this does happen, a person might end up owing a large sum that they aren’t able to pay off. Not only will they be left with a large debt, but they can also have issues with the IRS. 

When you’re looking to dispute or challenge your tax liability, working with a tax attorney is your best option. Tax attorneys will be crucial if you’re disputing tax liability, as they understand this from the financial and legal sides involved. This is your best chance of being able to dispute what you owe. Your tax attorney can first help determine if you have a reason to dispute your tax liability, as well as help represent you. Even if it’s only a small amount, you should always consult a tax attorney before you do anything to challenge and dispute your taxes. 

Experienced Tax Attorney in Wilkes-Barre and Pennsylvania

Although it is possible for this situation to be remedied, challenging and disputing tax liability can be extremely complex. Because of this, it’s important that you work with an attorney who has experience dealing with tax issues such as these. Attorney David J. Harris can help represent you if you believe that the amount you owe isn’t accurate. With 35 years of experience in the legal field, including troubles involving taxes, the Law Office of David J. Harris can ensure that you have the help you need. 

If you have concerns regarding the amount you owe in taxes, contact the Law Office of David J. Harris today to learn more about challenging and disputing your tax liability.