The aftermath of a loved one’s passing is always extremely difficult to go through. On top of everything, you also need to be sure their assets and debts are properly taken care of. This is often the last thing anyone who has lost a loved one wants to worry about, but it’s a responsibility many people will have to take on. Unfortunately, you could have to deal with legal issues. If a close family member or friend has recently passed away and left you part of their estate, you might have to be involved with a probate. 

At the Law Office of David J. Harris, we can provide help for people settling someone’s estate and work with them through the probate process. 

How Do Probates Work?

A person’s estates include all of the assets they had while they were alive. Probates are necessary after a person passes away to ensure that their will is valid. Even if a will clearly states who gets what of their estate, it needs to be run through probate court. During probates, an executor as listed in the will is put in charge of the person’s estate. The probate process is also used when a person passes away without a will, although it’s slightly different in cases like this. A probate isn’t always necessary depending on how much their estate is worth, but when they do occur, it can be a hassle for everyone.

In addition to this, you might have to make sure that all of their debts and taxes are squared away. Most Americans struggle with debt today, so there’s always a chance that a person will be leaving behind debt after their death. Paying off a person’s debt is another part of the probate process, because it can affect what happens to the person’s estate. When this happens, it’s possible that the assets they left to their loved ones can be used to cover it. This might use up all of a person’s estate that they intended to leave for others. In other cases, family members might have to take on the costs themselves.

What is Probate Mediation?

Fortunately, probate court isn’t always necessary for those who have a case. For most people, mediation is a far better option than litigation. Mediation can help save you from the troubles that can come from going through a court case. To have a probate mediation, all parties have to agree to participate in it. This allows everyone involved with the probate to have more of a say and gives them the chance to and gives them the opportunity to reach compromises. By working with your attorney during probate mediation, you can speed up the process, cut the stress, and reach a better settlement for everyone. 

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If you’ve recently lost a loved one and were left in charge of their estate, it’s likely that you’re feeling overwhelmed overseeing everything. Working with an attorney who has experience with estates and probates can help make this process significantly easier for you and anyone else involved. 

If you need assistance with estates, probate, and mediation after your loved one passes away, contact the Law Office of David J. Harris to learn more about how we can help.